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Facilitape <3 metaFox Workshop in Nürnberg

Prix d'origine €390,00 - Prix d'origine €390,00
Prix d'origine
€390,00 - €390,00
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In this workshop you will learn two great faciliation skills:

  1. Using facilitape to spice up the room and let it help you run your workshops smoother and with clear, visual instructions in the room. 
  2. Using the power of images and learn how easily you can get into deep conversations with your participants. 

In this cross-over episode we will bring to life the beautiful combination of facilitape and the work with the metaFox image cards. In the first part of the workshop, participants will practise using tape for lettering, icons and simple graphics and gain a background on how to use images for reflection and insights. The second, more open part of the workshop is used for transferring the formats and use cases of the participants. Further content: Using tape for room atmosphere, room structure, methods, information and communication, attention, prototpying and fun.

Time and place

It is a full-day workshop, which runs from 10am to approx. 5pm. We will be in the Athem Coworking Space in Nuremberg.



Products included in the workshop


The workshop will only happen if at least 10 participants are signing up. In that case you will receive a full refund 2 weeks before the event.

What do you get?

  • Amazing workshop (300€)
  • Facilitape starter set with 11 tapes (100€)
  • metaFox starter set with 4 card sets (145€)
  • Contact to other great people (invaluable)
  • Sum: 545€

But we just get started!

Your price: 390€

You save 155€!

The most important information about the workshop

Facilitape in practice
  • Learn how to use tape in every workshop environment
  • Create your first tape masterpiece
  • Amaze your participants with the unique and novel approach
Images in practice
  • Learn how to use images in your every day work effectively
  • Experience very effective methods how images can help you build strong relationships
  • Expand your method toolbox
Inspire & connect
  • Learn how to let the room speak for itself
  • Inspire your participants and guide them to the workshop space
  • Engage in deep conversations and reflection

Agenda outline

Arrival | We start by getting to know all other participants in the workshop and connecting the expectations for the day to our experiences with images & tape in facilitation.

Facilitape basics | We get to know the standard techniques of taping that already get us 80% of the results. Everyone can be an effective artist if you know the basics. Then we practice, practice, practice.

BREAK | Everyone needs a break from time to time. We will get some nurishments from Athem.

Image cards in action | After a short exploration into the science of working with images we try out different methods to engage participants and open up the space for deep reflection and interactions.

Individual & group transfer | In the last section of the workshop we will break out in individual working groups exploring the topics we are most interested in. This will ensure everyone gets the most of the day's offerings.

Impressions of past workshops


YOUR TRAINERS: Matthias & Max

Matthias Lenssen transforms 0815 rooms into creative playgrounds - as a facilitator, impulse generator and creative machine. LinkedIn.

Matthias Lenssen


Maximilian Friedle builds effective coaching tools and facilitates workshops and leadership training. LinkedIn.

Maximilian Friedle

Winners of the European Training Award 2024

See us smile at the European Training Awards with our gold and silver owl respectively!

With decades of facilitation experience we bring you the best new tools and techiques with images, tape and beyond!

What participants say

Ein Workshop mit absolutem Suchtfaktor! Innerhalb kürzester erlernt man die wichtigsten Kniffe, um mit den bunten Rollen auch wirklich schnell ins Tun zu kommen und vorzeigbare Ergebnisse herbei zu zaubern. Neben einer Menge Spaß und kreativem Austausch mit Workshopleiter Matthias und den Teilnehmer*innen gibt es außerdem eine Menge Inspiration für die Gestaltung der eigenen Workshops und Räumlichkeiten. Ciao Flipchart & Powerpoint! Ab sofort wird getaped!

Alice Peschke

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