deep pictures in Training – triggering reflections

In training sessions, especially when related to personal development, trainers often seek to support the reflection and contemplation processes of their participants. The metaFox deep pictures can be a powerful tool to trigger this kind of process.

  • Goal: Trigger individual reflection of participants, optionally to share their current state or their conclusions from a training session
  • Duration: 10 – 30 minutes
  • Number of participants: 3 – 30
Optional: guiding participants towards context & reflective state

Let’s assume you’re at the end of a training session or an entire seminar day. You, as a trainer or facilitator, might want to invite participants to come together in a circle, make themselves comfortable on their chairs or even the floor. You could go over your past schedule and what has happened up to now, sparking a reflective mood and reminding your participants of what has happened.

Participants dive into their reflection and select “their” card

Now (or already earlier), spread the cards of an entire deep pictures deck on the ground and invite participants to look for an image they currently can connect to – maybe based on their current state, their learning or whatever you consider suitable in the context of your session. Invite your participants to just pick up “their” card.

Optional: participants do reflective writing on their card

Now, invite your participants to continue their contemplation process in writing. Depending on how much time you’d like to devote to this exercise, your participants could simply write down three key words or an entire text – on their current state, what they learned today, or any other aspects relevant to your session.

If participants, context and time allow, you could invite all participants to briefly share what they wrote down. Finally, invite your participants to keep their card and use it as a reminder token – next to their desk, on their fridge or wherever. You can be sure of your participants’ gratefulness and a lasting impact of your training sessions.

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