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The metaFox deep pictures can be powerful tools in training, coaching or therapy. However, also outside any professional context, they can enrich the social interactions of our personal day-to-day life.

Deep conversations in everyday life

Going through the small struggles of our busy day-to-day life, deep human connection and meaningful conversations are a rare treasure. The deep pictures – when used in an appropriate setting – can open doors to discussions beyond superficial chat and in this way help to re-connect with ourselves and others.

  • Goal: engaging in meaningful conversation to re-connect with oneself and others.
  • Duration: 30 minutes – several hours
  • Number of participants: 2 – 8

Starting meaningful discussion

Meaningful conversation cannot be forced upon groups, even if everyone knows each other well. Some people might consider it delicate to start discussing relationships or existential struggles  all of a sudden. Presenting the deep pictures as a “small game you recently came across” to your partner, group of friends or family could be one way to create an atmosphere where conversations on a deeper level start evolving.

One card per person

With your group of ‘players’ around a table or in a circle on the floor, spread a deck of 52 deep pictures in middle with the images facing upward. Invite each player to select one card. You could do so by asking questions like:

  • Which picture best describes your current mood?
  • Which picture can represent your current way of life?
  • Which picture is a good reminder of what you learned/experienced today?
  • Which picture do you feel attracted to right now?
  • Which picture does your intuition choose?

Give the group a few minutes, until everyone has selected and taken a card they find suitable. Of course, you can also join into the game and pick a card yourself. 

Letting the discussion flow

Next, each ‘player’ is invited to share with the others a bit about the card they have chosen and the reasons for it. This leads to narratives that have meaning for the individual and thus create a connection in the group. With questions and anecdotes, having fun with the associations and the experience of being heard, this ‘game’ is an easy and unique way to interact with close friends and family.

We wish you inspired conversations and lots of fun and insight!

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