deep pictures for groups – for feedback & expressing appreciation

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An important part of building successful relationships – be it at work, at home or with friends, is developing the sense that one is appreciated, valued and supported. We rarely take the time to let others know how much we cherish them and what we would like to learn from them. Through stunning images, the metaFox deep pictures offer a creative and unconventional way to spark such conversations.

  • Goal: enable group members to share their feedback and appreciation with each other and trigger reflective conversations.
  • Duration: 20 – 45 minutes
  • Number of participants: 3 – 8

Context & setting

This activity can be used in a formal context as part of a team development process, or simply as a reflective game with friends or family. Create a cozy environment and bring all participants around a table or in a circle on the ground. Spread out all deep pictures in the middle, images facing up.

Everyone chooses a card for each other person

Invite all participants to have a look at the images and reflect upon the other group members in the circle. The task is to select one card for each other person in the circle.

Providing a guiding question can help participants to assign cards and focus the following conversations on specific aspects of the group dynamics. Here are some examples: 

  • Which image best describes your relationship?
  • Which image best describes how interacting with the other person makes you feel? 
  • Which image describes what you appreciate in the other person?
  • Which image do you associate with your view of the other person?

Everyone should choose one card for each of the other participants and give it to them. Participants can simply gather the cards they receive in front of them. This process will take a couple of minutes, and you can play reflective music in the background.

The result: a visual representation of how each person is perceived

Once everyone has found a card for everyone else, all ‘players’ will end up with a set of cards in front of them. This unique set of pictures is a reflection of how they are seen by the group.

The debriefing: everyone shares how they perceive ‘their’ cards

What can follow is an interesting conversation: people can share in turns or randomly how they see the cards they received. Is it an interesting or unexpected combination? Do any patterns appear?  How much does it mirror how they see themselves? How does this new perspective change their attitude towards the group?

The others may comment on the points raised, and reveal why they found particular cards suitable. You will see that unexpected feedback will come up and most likely, the resulting atmosphere will bring the group closer together. 

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